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I had the pleasure of working closely with Robert on building and launching for IAC. On every level, Robert was a joy to work with. We built a site and a company from concept to launch--including writing the business plan, developing the information architecture and design, figuring out the content model and getting the site built and launched. Robert was incredibly innovative—He was able to find unique, interesting and useful content without breaking the bank. Just as important as his technical and professional skills, Robert was a complete joy to work with. He's smart, funny and has a great attitude.—Peter Horan, Chairman of the Board at Net2TV


Robert's insights into the unique and dynamic group of Wikipedia volunteers assembled for this event were remarkable. He outlined an event that would produce the project's deliverables, identified and mentored leaders within the group, and executed an event that produced strong results and a great deal of goodwill. His project management skills and his deep dedication to success produced results beyond all expectations. — Peter Forsyth, WikiStrategies

                             Robert is a highly intelligent                                    marketing mind with an                                          intense personality. This                                          intensity is harnessed to                                          produce outstanding results,                                  injecting positivity into other team members. Simply put, Robert gets the job done time and time again.—Andrew KolidasCo-Founder at Digital Impulse, LLC


After working with Robert for only a few weeks, it was easy to see why he was so highly respected by both his staff and his colleagues and why a variety of people sought him out in a mentoring capacity.  Robert not only introduced a good portion of the innovative ideas put into practice during the few years I spent as a member of the team, he effortlessly brought focus to the ideas of others, assisted in turning ideas into actionable plans, and in a good percentage of cases led the initiatives to see most plans through to fruition. Innovator, mentor, leader. It was a pleasure working by his side. Kim Simonovitch, Owner, Sophisticated Edge

Robert is a passionate, articulate and wise leader who thrives as the human middle-ware of any firm. He gently uses humor to course correct those above and below him and is adept at maneuvering teams into winning alignments at just the right time. He is a strong mentor, capable change agent, and acts as a never ending battery for your company's morale. His strong soft skills overlay a keen strategic mind, and his technical proficiencies allow him to act as liaison between multiple divisions. In short, he makes teams work better than they could have without him.—Danvers Fleury, Chairman @ Verified Studios


For more on Robert, check out his Linkedin Page here, or you can always write for references.   Or use the red button below to contact me directly. 


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