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About Robert

Innovator, mentor, leader.


Working collaboratively with a team that trusts each other is always the way to produce results that go way beyond anyone's expectations.   There is great power in trust and partnerships. 


All Great Projects Begin with Communication


Whether it's mobile or web development, content strategy, product development, social media deployment or  SEO optimization, great projects only come to great fruition when the team is united in their goal and understand their indivdual roles.   Over and over again I see teams that have superstars and weak links, and managers that through default or defect let weak links drag down the superstars and pluggers, sinking their hopes of success and derailing launch dates.  


That's where I come in.  Aside from my experience in all of the above, I bring  a successful lineage of team development strategies with me.    They aren't cyncial "how can I get you to do what I want?" plays.   They involve getting to know the team, and really understanding where they want to go, and connecting their work with the goals of the business.


It seems so easy but surprising how often Management loses sight of this, even when on paper they are committed to the well-being of the staff. 


If you're looking for a Senior Marketing Executive, Content Development Director or Product Development Ringer who will take hold of your team and turn them into a cohesive, winning group, you've come to the right place.   Click here to contact me and let's get started!

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