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Robert Deutsch's Web Site


This Robert Deutsch is the co-founder of Thefty Jack Studios, (a mobile development company), a content strategist and marketing generalist.  And a baker (on weekends).


If you are interested in working with this Robert Deutsch (or you’re just nosy), you should check out my Linkedin page for more details.  Or go here to message me. 


I currently am most interested in Mobile, Video and Ed Tech initiatives. I love solving the unsolvable puzzle and working collaboratively.    I believe in a model of service and I have been a volunteer all of my life.  I am currently an elected official in my town.

I am also proud of the Web sites, mobile games and partnerships I have launched and created throughout my career.  I love working with teams and working on a goal and for a cause.


There are a lot of web personalities named Robert Deutsch out there, but I am the mobile gaming Internet guy, not the world’s busiest photographer, who owns

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